New 7 Bottle Color Set (20% savings)


Made with organic natural colors, organic and wild-crafted essential oils, and vibrational essences from gemstones, these color energized sprays are specifically designed to harmonize and balance your aura and your personal environment. Each spray is designed to clear space and to activate, balance and protect your personal aura. Made in small batches during peak astrological times with the guidance and influence of archetypal and angelic beings.

We are all one. Coral establishes a balance between compassion, healthy boundaries and forgiveness in both community and relationships.

Insist on freedom and health by breaking patterns that no longer serve you. Gold is the discovery within yourself of courage, serenity and flexibility.

A brave heart leads for the good of all. Olive is hope for the future and trust in humanity. By connecting with what you know in your heart to be true, you will be able to act upon it.

The new age is creative communication from the heart through art and media. Turquoise supports writing, public speaking and innovation as well as interests as diverse as crystal healing and technology.

Achieve open communication of spirit by activating the sixth sense. Indigo connects the spiritual to the physical, helping both psychics and new age children to focus.

Bring the miracles of heaven to Earth by connecting the spiritual to the physical. Magenta stimulates the gift of healing energy and also replenishes the reserves of the healer.

Awaken your innate beauty by connecting to the goddess that exists within. Rose Pink celebrates and honors our mystical, feminine energy, bringing divine love to both men and women.