TURQUOISE - CREATIVITY & FLOW - affirmation: "I choose to be free"


The new age is creative communication from the heart through art and media. Turquoise supports writing, public speaking and innovation as well as interests as diverse as crystal healing and technology.


Turquoise unlocks the ananda khanda chakra, also known as “the wishing well of the heart,” where we store our most treasured dreams. Opening this door between the throat and the heart inspires our true creative expression. Turquoise connects us to the future, the “new age” of Aquarius, and supports our experience with art, media, public speaking and anything that involves technology and communication. The synergy of Sapphire, Aventurine and Quartz crystal essences combined with the spiritual aroma of Frankincense and Myrrh cleanses the subtle bodies, helps us slow down, deepen our breath and return to this sacred place in our hearts.