THE FORGIVENESS SET - Opening and healing your heart


The Forgiveness set encourages the deep exploration and self-love required to confront and free ourselves from the wrongs and pains that trouble us. The three sprays help create healthy boundaries instead of isolating walls in our relationships.

The three 2 oz sprays make a great gift set.

PINK, the energy of unconditional love, nurtures the heart chakra.
Honor, nurture and accept yourself unconditionally and love will surround you. Pink softens energy, opening the heart to kindness and compassion.

CORAL is inter-connectedness and harmonizes the sacral and root chakras. We are all one. Coral establishes a balance between compassion, healthy boundaries and forgiveness in both community and relationships.

GOLD, the color of wisdom, aligns the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Insist on freedom and health by breaking patterns that no longer serve you. Gold is the discovery within yourself of courage, serenity and flexibility.